Popular Safe Browsers

There you can see the most popular and proven web browsers. You can safely install multiple browsers on your computer. Most browsers make it easy to migrate to another browser. To learn more about each product, click the "Read More" button.

Google Chrome

Browser Google Chrome - this browser from Google needs no introduction. According to data from various sources, this browser is used by from ⅔ to ¾ Internet users. More users have used Chrome at least once.

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According to analysts, no more than 3% of world Internet users use Opera browser to access the network. This browser can not be called very popular, but most users know about the existence of this browser.

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These two browsers from Microsoft is the first browser for any user with Windows. Explorer is installed on earlier versions of Windows, while Edge is positioned as the main browser for computers with Microsoft Windows 10.

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This browser is quite new, but nevertheless worthy of your attention. Moreover, the popularity of the free browser Vivaldi is growing. The history of the creation of Vivaldi is quite interesting - some of the developers of the Opera separated from the team and decided to work on the creation of a separate product.

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Mozilla Firefox

The new Mozilla Firefox browser is created on the updated Quantum engine. According to the developers, thanks to the new engine, loading and displaying web pages is 2 times faster than on the old version of Mozilla.

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