AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus 2018 is an effective and fast protection from the most difficult viruses, trojans, Internet worms, rootkits and other harmful programs in real time.

System requirements:

    Minimum system requirements:
  • Processor Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz and higher;
  • Memory 512 MB RAM (Windows XP) and 1024 MB (Windows Vista/7/8/10);
  • 1.3 GB of free disk space (for installation) ;
    Recommended system requirements:
  • Processor Intel Pentium 1.8 GHz and higher
  • Memory 1024 MB
  • 1.6 GB of free disk space (for installation)
AVG AntiVirus

How AVG AntiVirus looks like

Program description

— AVG AntiVirus 2018 offers protection against the most difficult threats today. Safe loading and file exchange, safe chat, games and film viewing without interruption.
  • Loading, file exchange and messages sending safely with AVG Online Shield.
  • Safe stay in social networks with AVG Social Networking Protection.
  • Enter web-sites and look for information on the Internet with confidence under protection of AVG LinkScanner in real time.
AVG antivirus essentially does not influence the system productivity. It’s a reliable, fast and easy means of computer protection from viruses and other harmful programs.

Main AVG AntiVirus components

AVG AntiVirus: Protection against harmful programs
  • AntiVirus (antivirus) The antivirus of AVG realizes the detection of viruses, internet worms, Trojan programs and undesirable files or libraries in system. It is necessary to update AntiVirus component constantly for maintenance of the greatest possible level of protection.
  • Anti-Spyware (anti-spy) Anti-spy AVG protects the computer from harmful and advertizing software, providing your protection against undesirable advertisements and software, secretly collecting your personal data from the computer. It is necessary to update Anti-Spyware component constantly for ensuring complete protection of the computer.
  • Anti-Rootkit (protection from rootkits) Program component Anti-Rootkit checks the existence of the dangerous rootkits, hidden in applications, disks or libraries dll. Rootkit represents a package of the malicious software allowing the hacker to get access to level of administration or to the whole network
  • Data Storage AVG Data Storage component allows creating reliable virtual storages for valuable and confidential data. Data Storage contents are ciphered and protected by the password set by you, preventing the non-authorized access.
  • Resident Shield Resident Shield scans files during their copying, opening or preservation. When it detects the threat it forbids its activation. The component also provides important protection for system areas of the computer.
  • E-mail Scanner E-mail Scanner checks entering and proceeding messages of e-mail by means of the connected modules, developed for the most widespread clients of e-mail (for example, Outlook and The Bat!). The personal scanner of e-mail supports any e-mail clients using the POP3/SMTP or IMAP protocol (for example, Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook Express). When the virus is detected it is moved to viruses’ storage. AVG AntiVirus: Internet safety
  • LinkScanner LinkScanner provides complex protection during search and viewing of pages on the Internet. Two functions are used for this purpose: Surf-Shield and Search-Shield Component. Your computer is protected from Internet attacks and you can define safety of visited sites. LinkScanner supports such browsers as Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Online Shield Online Shield protects the computer from casually loaded infected files or from transfer of such files through instant messengers. AVG AntiVirus: Protection the confidential data
  • Identity Protection Identity Protection provides continuous protection of digital media against new and unknown threats. Identity Protection supplements the AVG protection by the way of tracking of programs behavior on the computer and automatic blocking of activity, which can lead to identifier theft, and does not demand updating. AVG AntiVirus: Additional components
  • PC Analyzer PC Analyzer will analyze your computer to define the problems, connected with errors of the register, unnecessary files, errors of fragmentation, errors of disks and the broken shortcuts.
  • Updating manager The manager of updatings operates the automatic AVG updatings which are making on the Internet or on a local network. For obtaining the last versions of updating files it is recommended to create the schedule of updatings for implementation of automatic regular check of critical updatings on the Internet. It is recommended to make a check not less that once a day. AVG antivirus updating is very important for ensuring optimum protection against viruses.
  • License The License component operates the current state of the license. The number of the license defines the concrete AVG security software version. Get sure that the number of the license is entered and activated correctly. Otherwise it will be impossible to update software properly and to provide technical support.

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