AVG Antivirus Free/Pro (Android)

The antivirus exists in Free, and paid (Pro) complete set. It is possible to use the free full version during the first month then you should get the license. The interface of the program is simple. Four sections for fast transition to the necessary settings are located in the main window. The menu on a top toolbar allows receiving the help information about system, realizing updating, etc.

System requirements:

  • App Backup - 2.x or higher;
  • Performance tools - 2.x or higher
  • Remote Locate - 2.1 or higher
  • Remote Lock - 2.2 or higher
  • Remote wipe - 2.2 or higher
  • Location service - 2.1 or higher
AVG Antivirus Free/Pro (Android)

How AVG Antivirus Free/Pro (Android) looks like

The application has a standard set of functions and modules:

  • antivirus scanner and monitor;
  • anti-theft;
  • blocking of calls and SMS;
  • blocking of applications;
  • traffic monitoring;
  • backup;
  • work optimization.

Antivirus scanner and monitor

Settings of the antivirus scanner and the monitor can be executed in the “Protection” section. Settings of checks periodicity, updating loading and other important functions are available. AVG Anti-Virus supports scanning of file system, applications, SD-card. As a result the user receives the report on the found threats with recommendations about their elimination. For example, they tell, what settings are necessary to protect the device as much as possible. They realize the verification of web-pages, visited by the user, and block access to them if the harmful content was revealed. This check works only in the regular Android browser.

Anti-theft Module

Settings of the anti-theft module are available in the “Protection against theft” section. There are some functions as: the chamber trap which takes a photo of the malefactor when he is trying to unblock the device, device blocking, removal of data, and transfer of GPS-coordinates. Its management is realized both by means of the AVG console, and by means of SMS.

Contacts Blocking

The function of undesirable contacts blocking is supported. You can execute the corresponding settings in the “Confidentiality” section. Some more functions are available there: blocking of access to applications, backup of a device content and removal of data, both from a SD-card, and from the device as a whole.

Additional functions

The application contains the functions, allowing optimizing operation of the device. Their control is available in the “Productivity” section. It is offered to clear the device of undesirable files and programs for improvement of its work. There are useful functions, like: the manager of processes, memory cleaning and tracking of level of the battery charge. The solution supports the function of a backup copy creation of the device content that can be kept on a remote server.


As a whole, AVG Anti-Virus includes the majority of protection conventional components. The advantage is the existence of a quite good package of service functions, and the disadvantage is lack of possibility to control the security of a network.

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