McAfee Security & Antivirus Free (Android)

McAfee Security & Antivirus extends in two complete sets: free and Premium There is an option of multimedia data backup in the paid version.

System requirements:

  • Google Android 2.3 or later, including Android 5.x (Android L); Google Android One;
  • Watches Android Wear: Google Android 4.4 or later
McAfee Security & Antivirus Free (Android)

How McAfee Security & Antivirus Free (Android) looks like

Download McAfee Security & Antivirus Free (Android)

It is highly recommended to download anti-virus software only on offecial websites. In this case you can be shure that you'll get the latest version of secure software. Do not download anything on suspicious website. Please take a note that some antiviruses are not compatible with each other. Also please check if your computer meets the requirements. You can find them above or on offecial website.

The app includes the following functions:

  • antivirus scanner and monitor;
  • network connection scanner;
  • anti-theft module;
  • function of undesirable calls and SMS blocking;
  • protection of personal data;
  • creation of a backup copy;
  • functions of the device operation optimization.

Program description

The trial version gives the chance to test the application on basic functions performance:
  • anti-virus scanner and monitor;
  • blocking of URL-links;
  • protection against theft;
  • blocking of calls and SMS;
  • adviser on applications;
  • backup and restoration.

Antivirus scanner and monitor

It is possible to adjust the scanner and the monitor work in the “Safety check” section. The scanner realizes a check of not only file system and applications, but also of removable media. They also realize a check on existence of a harmful content on the device, including the malicious code and links in the SMS, messages in social networks, e-mail letters etc. McAfee Security & Antivirus also provides QR-code check. It is possible to specify periodicity and time of scanning and updating of antivirus bases in settings. The function of blocking of URL-links to sites with potentially dangerous content is provided for the safety of net surfing.

Anti-theft Module

The remote data and protection control of the device is supported both through a web-portal, and by means of SMS. It is possible to create a backup copy of all important data (contacts and SMS) with a possibility to restore or to destroy data completely if necessary. For detection of the device it is possible to send the command on switching a sound signal, obtaining GPS data or obtaining the photo of the potential malefactor. The application supports possibility of registration of the device last location if the device disconnects because of the low battery. It is possible to adjust operation of the module in the “Device search” section.

Network Safety

The integrated firewall controls network connection and data transmission on the Internet. Function of monitoring of an incoming and proceeding traffic allows supervising a traffic used by applications.

Personal settings

The section “Confidentiality” contains settings of applications protection: access code installation, check of applications access to data, user’s personal profile setting (that is very convenient if not only one person uses the device), creation of forbidden and allowed contacts lists.

Additional functions

Furthermore, the decision supports functions of backup of the whole device content, cleaning of unnecessary data and optimization of system and battery work. The free McAfee Security & Antivirus version allows doing a backup copy of the contact list, call and SMS log (including an automatic mode).


The decision is successfully supplied with various protective functions, but slightly loads the device during work. The other pluses are a good package of protective functions and useful additional options.

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