Norton Security & Antivirus for Android

Norton Security & Antivirus for Android protects your mobile phone or tablet from viruses and provides mobile security.

System requirements:

  • Android 2.3 or later. Must have Google Play app installed.;
  • Android 4 or later required for Norton Family Premier Android app (Norton Security Premier Only)
Norton Security & Antivirus for Android

How Norton Security & Antivirus for Android looks like

Download Norton Security & Antivirus for Android

It is highly recommended to download anti-virus software only on offecial websites. In this case you can be shure that you'll get the latest version of secure software. Do not download anything on suspicious website. Please take a note that some antiviruses are not compatible with each other. Also please check if your computer meets the requirements. You can find them above or on offecial website.

Program description

The trial version gives the chance to test the application on basic functions performance:
  • anti-virus scanner and monitor;
  • blocking of URL-links;
  • protection against theft;
  • blocking of calls and SMS;
  • adviser on applications;
  • backup and restoration.

Antivirus scanner and monitor

Right after installation the antivirus realizes scanning of the device and gives out the results with the indication of the found vulnerabilities. It is possible to establish periodicity of scanning, loading of updating in settings (frequent updating is available in the Premium-version).

Anti-theft Module

The anti-theft module supports the functions of remote management, including GPS data sending, sound signal switching, obtaining of the malefactor photo, blocking of the device and removal of all data. Management by means of the SMS is unavailable. In addition to usual functions the application supports the work of the so-called adviser on applications which forms the report on the found problems on the established applications.

Additional functions

The functions of backup and recovery of data are provided in the application. The functions of backup, web protection, blocking of calls and messages, and also the adviser of applications are available in the Premium-version.


As a whole, the solution creates positive impression. The free version provides a necessary minimum for protection of the device, without loading resources and demanding special attention.

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