These two browsers from Microsoft is the first browser for any user with Windows. Explorer is installed on earlier versions of Windows, while Edge is positioned as the main browser for computers with Microsoft Windows 10.

System requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP;
  • Microsoft Windows Vista;
  • Microsoft Windows 7;
  • Microsoft Windows 8;
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1;
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (for Edge);

Minimum system requirements

  • Intel pentium 4 3.0 GHz;
  • RAM: 1GB;
  • Video Card: 256 MB;

How Edge looks like

IE and Edge description

It should be noted that Internet Explorer is installed even in Windows 10. This is done so that users can work with old applications whose work required the presence of the Explorer browser. Basically, it concerns enterprise applications.

Users often scold Internet Explorer for slow work, frequent crashes and errors and incorrect display of pages or scripts. The browser is "overloaded" with settings, but deprived of extensions for convenient use of a computer.

On the other hand, IE is the leading browser in the corporate segment. Many programs are configured in such a way that working closely with the Microsoft browser is a must. The fact is that corporate software uses Microsoft development, such as databases, CRM and others. IE is well integrated in the Microsoft environment.

Internet Explorer really was not a very successful browser for Windows. But this is true for earlier versions. Internet Explorer 11 got rid of many problems of earlier versions, began to display web pages correctly. The 11 version of the browser received a more pleasant interface, work with RAM was optimized. As a result, according to the results of some tests, the page loading speed increased and even made competition to market leaders such as Chrome and Mozilla. At the same time, memory consumption was even lower than that of competitors browsers.

Edge was created in order to solve the problems of IE, which last for years. And give users a fast and stable browser. At the same time, this browser is made for a fully updated Windows 10 shell. Separating browsers into two different products allowed Edge to "shed the burden" of backward compatibility with Internet Explorer. At the same time, Edge got rid of the errors that stretched from earlier versions of the browser. Windows 10 users got a really good out-of-the-box browser. In addition to all this, Edge works not only on computers, but also on other devices with Windows 10, such as tablets and phones. Cortana's personal voice assistant is built into the Edge, which makes the new browser even more convenient. The next advantage of Edge is the ability to create web notes directly in the browser and share them with friends.

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