According to analysts, no more than 3% of world Internet users use Opera browser to access the network. This browser can not be called very popular, but most users know about the existence of this browser.

Opera System requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 7;
  • Microsoft Windows 8;
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1;
  • Microsoft Windows 10 or later;

Minimum system requirements

  • Intel pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 processor or later;
  • RAM: 512 MB;
  • Free disk space: 200 MB;

How Opera looks like

Opera description

The greatest distribution of the Opera falls on countries with low speed of the Internet. The fact is that the Opera browser contains the Turbo function. It works as follows: when the Turbo feature is on, all Internet traffic is sent through special servers that compress heavy content, and already compressed traffic goes to the user's computer. Despite the intermediate stage, this solution can significantly speed up the work of the browser with a slow Internet. Of course, the quality of images and other graphics may decline, which does not prevent the browser from coping with most daily tasks, such as social networking and news viewing. Another feature of the Opera is traditionally considered to be the built-in ad blocker. Besides the fact that it helps the user to get rid of annoying banners, it significantly saves traffic. For some sites, downloading ads takes no less than downloading useful content. With fast and stable Internet is not a problem, but for other users, Opera looks like a great solution.

Users who have installed the latest version of Opera will find that the laptop's operating time has increased. The browser is specifically configured to save computer resources and reduce power consumption. The browser boasts a built-in VPN, which increases anonymity on the network and allows you to visit sites that are somehow restricted in certain countries.

In terms of user interface, Opera has some nice features: you can pin your favorite sites on the toolbar or on the home page, links to popular social networks are fixed and you can go to them in one click.

Although the new version of the free Opera browser is made on the same engine as Chrome, it has retained its uniqueness and at the same time, has not lagged behind modern technologies. All extensions for Chrome can also be installed on the Opera.

The disadvantages of the browser include relatively weak user support.

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